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The Long Range Left Hook

A lot of you are told by trainers and instructors to keep your punches tight and close to the body...but I say to you that this is nonsense. Elite pro boxers extend their left hooks and lead hooks well beyond 90 degrees to catch their opponents from far away.


Trainers will tell you to keep your hooks close range and tight, but film study will teach you to throw your hooks with extension and open your elbow well past 90 degrees in order to catch your opponent at long range. 


If you doubt me, I implore you to watch the  mittwork  videos or actual fights of Gennady Golovkin, Saul Canelo Alvarez, and Mikey Garcia.

Here are some examples of elite pro boxers throwing long range left hooks (front hooks or lead hooks) and connecting and being successful. 



Leo Santa Cruz is an elite Mexican American bantamweight Boxer world champion who knows how to throw long range left hooks, to the head and to the body.

Notice how his elbow is extended well beyond 90 degrees and is approaching 180 degrees.

Also notice how he pulls his left hand back  to his hip before punching. This is common and standard for elite boxers, despite what you may be taught by so called boxing "experts" or boxing trainers in your town or at your local boxing gym. 



Saul "Canelo" Alvarez lands a hard punch (a leaping left hook) on Amir Khan. Notice how his elbow joint is nearly at 180 degrees.