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Boxing Gym Pittsburgh

Contact : 814-270-7093

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There are many good boxing gyms in Pittsburgh to choose from. I train clients at several gyms in the city but you can also work with me at home or at a local park or outdoors or at the gym of your choice, depending on your preference. 

Joining  a boxing gym or taking a boxing group class is a great way to get started in boxing but many clients prefer to work with me 1-on-1 and take private boxing lessons, also known as 1-on-1, so that you can get more individual attention and  progress faster than you would in a group class. 

My Rates:

30 minutes for $27

60 minutes for $48

Group classes can be great but you do not get much individual instruction or attention when it comes to developing proper form. 

Here is a sample of my 1-on-1 work with clients:

and here:

And Here:



No matter your skill level, I will help you level up and improve your boxing form.  My specialty is identifying your areas of weakness and then telling you how to improve. 

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